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Today, as the moon sails through confident Aries in your enthusiastic ninth house, you can see the whole picture—and then some! But a square from creative director Venus in practical Capricorn and your sixth house of details is insisting you keep it real.

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Before you rush into anything, dig a little deeper for answers. What NOT to do on Saturday? Go along to get along. Take a calculated risk and present them in an appropriate setting. Just make sure your valuable intellectual property is properly protected!

Leo 2020 Horoscope

Under an obfuscating Sun-Neptune alignment, find out more about this would-be pursuer. Too easily charmed could mean too easily harmed—the opposite of what you want!

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Black Friday Extended! Leo Daily Horoscope. Tuesday, December 3, Draw your loved ones closer today, as the intimate eighth-house moon nuzzles up to Venus in your home and family sector.

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Saturn tends to call your attention to wherever the foundation of your life is weakest, so that you can choose to fortify it or decide to let it crumble and begin anew. If you're in a marriage or other alliance that is overwhelming you with misery, Saturn might prompt you to let it go.

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This is especially likely if you're in a situation that feels like it's all work, duty, and responsibility and no validation or romance. Leo, you want romance. You NEED romance to feel alive -- it's part of your very soul!

http://ukdchel.ru/images/1651.php Fortunately, the eclipses in will start to touch on your romance and social axis and there can certainly be new love on the horizon whether you're single or attached. The Lunar Eclipse on June 5 falls in your romance sector and will be opposite Venus, which will be retrograde at this time.

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You might have a situation where an ex wants a second chance. Regardless, Venus Retrograde from May 13 - June 25 will be a major lesson for you about the power of allowing yourself to receive love -- and to remember how much you deserve it.

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  4. More eclipses in this area of your chart on November 30 and December 14 are likely to bring new energy into your heart space. Be open! In other news, your work life will be quite busy in as well. With Jupiter moving through your 6th House of Work and Routine until December 19, you can expect more assignments and opportunities than you know what to do with.