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We also carry milestone birthday party supplies and novelty themes for adults-only celebrations, plus party supplies for other occasions, like Christmas , Mardi Gras, Halloween and even Hawaiian luaus. We even carry costumes for when you want to kick a themed party up a notch! Sign up for our news letter for exclusive offers.

Need Help? Sign In. Track Your Order. Mobile Navigation Menu. Girls Birthday Parties. Boys Birthday Parties. Keep the guest list short, since many venues base their fee on the number of children in attendance. She cautions against paying for extras which can seem very enticing , like premium packages that include decorations, party favors, goody bags, balloons or ice cream. Goody bags, party favors and ice cream are nice to have, but if kids are running around and enjoying the venue itself, they may not really notice these add-ons.


Sarah Hollenbeck, a shopping and savings expert for Offers. If your party runs from 2 p.

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You may be able to snag party platters or kid-friendly snacks without going over budget. Entertainment options like letting kids swing at a pinata or having them test their limbo skills are simple ways to save money and incorporate fun into the day. Holden recommends asking friends and family to pitch in and help with activities like face painting, temporary tattoos, setting up a scavenger hunt or judging a bubble-blowing competition.

Need to buy game supplies on the cheap? Holden suggests checking Pinterest for low-budget decorating ideas. From there, you can test your bargain-hunting skills.

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She tries to pick the birthday party theme well in advance to give herself plenty of time to find deals. The DIY approach can also help you save on goody bags, if you decide to offer them.

Then, fill them up with inexpensive favors like pencils, erasers, coloring pages and stickers. You can also earmark some of your party budget for just one special gift from you. Remember, planning budget-friendly birthday parties for kids should be about maximizing fun while minimizing stress. Ever wish you had money to play with?

If you really want the decorations, make some of your own.

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The kids loved them, and the parents laughed at the sight of babies wearing tool belts! Limit the Number of Guests Another way to save a significant chunk of change is to limit the number of guests. But even if the party is in your home, you will save on invitations and favors.

This might also help to keep you from getting too overwhelmed. You can also perform your own entertainment. Learn how to make balloon animals and dress up like a clown or other character. Location, Location, Location Throwing a party away from home is almost automatically costly. Get a lot of balloons, use your own soft toys and sports equipment to simulate a ball pit, and build tunnels and forts with refrigerator boxes and other large containers.

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Creative Wrapping Paper If you need to save money on the party because you spent a lot of gifts, you can always save money with unique and creative gift wrapping ideas , such as comics, old t-shirts, or bubble-wrap. These creative touches can entertain kids without costing you too much. Photo Booth Set up a photo booth area with various items like hats, scarves, wigs, paper mustaches, or any other random things you have around the house or find at Goodwill.

Use a digital camera, and email the pictures to parents after the party. This activity is fun for parents to take part in too! Pie in the Face Kids love to get messy.

I remember my parents threw me a birthday party where everyone got pied in the face. We had various field games such as a three-legged race, an egg race, and a water balloon toss. If you lost in any of these events, you got pied. It put a unique spin on normal games, and everyone had a really good time.

Ball Pit You can easily make a ball pit by getting a baby pool and filling it with plastic balls. Dance Party Kids go crazy when music is playing. They love to dance and have no shame about their skills or lack thereof. Parents enjoy watching kids dance too. Add to the excitment by doing a freeze game where kids freeze when the music stops.