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Naive folks may be taken in. If this is you or someone you know, anchor yourself firmly to the practical or risk being carried away by big, useless and unreal ideas. Saturn and Neptune are planets that plan for the future, although Neptune can get lost in the fantasy element of it, while Saturn can be rather inflexible about it.

The two of them in sextile however, make magic happen.

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Neptune softens the defenses of Saturn and Saturn brings us the self-mastery needed to identify our Neptunian blind spots. Together they are capable of bridging earth and sky. We must look at the intricacy of our personal web of desires and dysfunction to see them for what they are. Doing so will help heal our personal and collective suffering this year.

Will they affect you?

The big event this month is that the sextile of Saturn and Neptune is drawing to a close. Have you built anything you dreamed up this year? The final pass of this truly wonderful aspect is on —so you must at least get the foundation in place by then. The difficulty with really taking advantage of great harmony of this kind is that we human beings often only notice the hard stuff—we only scratch where it itches. November begins with Mercury moving retrograde backwards , tangling lines of communication and messing up office equipment.

Expect a deep-dive into your own psychology this month, and attempts to direct attention away from your own shortcomings and onto the flaws of others are likely to lead only to bad results. So keep it real. November begins with the Fixed, Watery sign of Scorpio. Perhaps a quiet pond knows every falling leaf that disturbs its surface; so it is with Scorpio.

It is as if the year is holding its breath while the shade of Death passes by. This is the time of the killing harvest, the slaughtering of animals, the shedding of blood. Scorpio reminds us that all things that are born also die, ourselves among them. Humbled, we pass deeper into the autumn cold. This year Scorpio runs until November On November 22, Sagittarius begins. Instructor: Karen Hamader-Zondag. Learn how to do non-statistical astrological research for creative exploration. Instructors: Tony Howard and Kelly Surtees Students will advance their chart analysis skills by spending the semester with the charts of 4 famous people.

We will work with their biographies, mapping their personal traits and history applying basic timing techniques. Instructors: Kelly Surtees, Frank Clifford and Tony Howard Students will spend four weeks in open sessions practicing chart interpretation with their peers, receiving feedback and having questions answered. The goal is to increase confidence in chart interpretation. Instructors: Tony Howard and Kelly Surtees Students will learn how to prepare for professional consultation.

Instructors: Frank Clifford and Mark Jones. Instructors: Mark Jones and Kelly Surtees Students will improve counseling skills in the consultation and learn how basic psychological dynamics enter into and impact the consultation. Instructor: Tony Howard Students will work on their final project. Students will spend time in the group presenting sample chart analysis and receive feedback. Students will discuss their final project and receive feedback.

Join us for celebration and graduation. Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry. Why not start your inner journey today! Skip to content. Four-Year Program. Professional Astrologer. Training and Certification. Register for Year One with Bundle Discount.

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Course 1: Intro to Astrological Symbols Instructor: Tony Howard In this course you will learn the basic symbols necessary for deeper astrological study: 14 Planetary Symbols, 12 Signs, and 12 houses. Registration open! Registration opens in November 28, Registration opens in January Registration opens in February Registration opens in March Registration opens in July Registration opens in September In other words, this week Intuition and Analysis and Growth and Attention and Permanence and Creativity are all mutually supportive.

The Centaur Hylonome. When our Beliefs or Dogmas or Archetypes change, our Boundaries change with them. Which brings us to the Stellium, a significant Configuration in its own right, for several reasons. When a planet is either Stationary or Out of Bounds, its influence is Stronger than usual. In general, when a planet is Approaching a major event, such as a Station or an important Angle, the influence is Strong, and grows Stronger until the event is Exact. After that, the influence fades fairly quickly if one is Conscious about the event, more slowly if one is not Conscious around it, and not at all if one is Defended against it.

The Mythical Centaur Hylonome committed Suicide with the spear that killed her Lover, rather than live without him. So we interpret the Cosmic Centaur Hylonome to symbolize Grief over major Changes in our Life, such as detachment from an Archetype, or from any other Energy with which we had been Merged.

The Loss of an Archetype is indeed an Ego Death. With Pallas Conjunct, Boundaries are obviously involved, and there is a strong implication that we will be strengthening a Boundary against an Archetypal Trance, or loosening a Boundary that overprotected us. Or it may be us with the gilded tongue, talking our way out of long-standing entanglements that no longer serve us.

Eclipses reveal to us Energies which were previously merged with the background but which are now made obvious by their absence. The more we Embrace our Grief, the less painful it is. The Centaur Chariklo. Almost forgot that Chariklo, part of the Stellium, is Stationary on April 7!

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The photo is by Waldemar Skorupa. The Portal The Harmonic Concordance Grand Sextile was discovered astrologically and publicized, at great personal expense, by Johnny Mirihiel…. The Vacancies article gives us some benchmarks to compare to our own subsequent Lives. For instance, I have natal planets in three of the four Muse Vacancies.

These disruptive changes mark the beginning of a new era that we have entered as a global community, an era of increasing disruption. Sometimes such movements will give rise to movements that bring about profound change, and sometimes they will falter and fail. In many cases these disruptions are already on their way. It is too late to prevent all of them. So where is our point of control? It is in how we respond to the impact that these disruptions have on how we work and live.

Such moments bring our world to a sudden stop. They may be terrifying, but they also constitute a great blank space that can be filled in one of two ways: by freezing and reverting to the patterns of the past, or by opening us up to the highest future possibilities. But in order to create consciously, we have to become conscious first — otherwise our creations are echoes of our pain and fears because these pains and fears are louder broadcasts than happiness and harmony.

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When we are clear and in alignment, we see the world as it is — beyond the limits of matter-perception. An ability to envision, to see, to interact with other-than-matter components of this life is a prerequisite to creation.

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Remember that Sextiles — especially Grand Sextiles — represent Creative Grace — the Grace flows freely, but after we take the first step. Or that if you have a message for the world, you need to repeat it a zillion times no matter how much you bore yourself, because as my first teacher would say, Your own Truth goes right through you! That is, you hear it and instantaneously know it to be true, but your programming covers it up as quickly as the old forces obscure the actual root causes of the breakdown.

So Grace and Equality is one thread we can look for in our lives over the last 10 days. Have there been any circumstances arise, where you did not feel the loving hand of Grace? Have real or imagined issues arisen in your life where Equality was missing? If so, when they arose, where did your Attention go? Did you focus on the difficulty or the inequality? Did you lovingly Attend to your natural reactions?

Another name for rejecting our natural emotional reactions, by the way, is self-abandonment.