Rahul gandhi marriage astrology

Transgender mystic Zoya Lobo predicts a win for Narendra Modi in the election. There is a conflict there because he is a Gemini so has a dual personality," Shah adds. Modi and BJP swept to power five years ago by winning of the Lok Sabha seats, forming the country's first majority government in almost three decades. Shah seems to expect Modi to return, but with a vastly reduced majority. Pre-election polling suggests an even closer contest, with many forecasting that neither party will win the seats needed for a majority.

Indians consult soothsayers for advice on a raft of subjects from whom to marry to whether to buy a house or strike a business deal. Many businessmen, Bollywood actors and politicians have personal astrologers scrutinise their stars closely to determine auspicious days to hold functions, release a movie or make political announcements.


The success of their predictions is yet unproven. The BJP's moon sign is Scorpio," he explains. He sees the elections being "extremely volatile" because they were apparently declared at an inauspicious time, "when the sun was setting instead of rising", and that they may witness more violence between India and Pakistan. Narendra Modi govt adds 27 lakh young entrepreneurs to economy, releases Rs 85, cr to boost start-ups.

Andhra Pradesh, Telangana governments bullying media, promoting family-owned press to crush criticism. Law ministry says it's considering Election Commission proposal on collecting Aadhaar data to clean up electoral rolls. Turkey mounts offensive against Kurds amid mixed signals from Donald Trump, cites need to create 'safe zone' on Syrian side of border.

Why Priyanka Gandhi will be the next Prime Minister! - Askenni

Global economy in 'synchronized slowdown' says new IMF chief; effects more pronounced in India, Brazil. Shanghai Masters Despite early exit, Andy Murray proves comeback from injury could have fairytale ending. Live Now. Kerala beat Chhattisgarh by 65 runs.

Himachal Pradesh beat Punjab by 25 runs. Film Personality Rajinikanth. Queen - Elizabeth II.

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Do stars favour Narendra Modi to be the Next Prime Minister of India?

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