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Creativity in general - giving birth to our ideas - children show our primal creative urge. Being opposite the ascendant, it shows that to which we are most drawn and most challenged to learn. Through the 8th house we confront our mortality.

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It can determine the ultimate meaning of our lives. Shows our highest principles operating in the world, shaping our life events, or their inability to do so.

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The luckiest house. Strong planets here override even the ascendant for importance. Ability to project our intelligence on the world. Where we expand. Planets here show their expansive nature.

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Foreign journeys. Shows the individual negated by adversity into sorrow or negated by inner peace to enlightenment. Kendra 1,4,7,10 - Lakshmi Houses Like a cardinal sign Most important, they are strong and active to accomplish their potential - Sharp energetic - power for achievement and strong will. Tenth is the strongest - seventh, fourth, first.

Tenth house even overpower the ascendant. Same Modality as the ascendant. Trine 1,5,9 - Houses of dharma 1 personal 5 creative 9 ore collective.

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They give as well as take. Jupiter and the moon are good in trines. One trine aspects all others. They are in the same element as the ascendant. More important for spirituality. Succedent - 2,5,8,11 - like a fixed Accumulation of resources - maintaining what we have. Income houses.

Also mind self expression, 5th, intelligence, 2nd speech, 8th insight, worldly communication.

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Cadent - 3,6,9,12 like a mutable give sensitivity, adaptability, high intelligence - but unstable, uncertain - mental or nervous problems. Feel free to email me with suggestions and feedback in improving this material. I could not have written these articles, nor progressed in Vedic astrology, without having studied with my Jyotish guru Hart de Fouw. He taught me how to approach a Vedic chart, how to gain deeper understanding, and how to make Jyotish live and breathe.

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I am eternally grateful to him. Important Note: In many cases, clicking on one of the links below will open one of my bimonthly tutorial columns. Feel free to read the entire column or just the article referred to in the title below.